CABINET VERAIN was founded in 1921 in Le Creusot (71) and has been run since 2017 by Pierre Olivier MONNERET, who took over from Jacques Mazaud, who has been Managing Director since 1982 and with whom he worked for over 15 years.

The agency's business has always been property transactions in all their forms: PURCHASES, SALES, VALUATIONS, etc. and is particularly active in Le Creusot but also throughout the urban community and well beyond. This longevity, which is extremely rare in our profession, can only be explained by the trust our clients have placed in us over a very long period of time for the assistance we can give them in decisions as important as the purchase, sale or valuation of a property.

Cabinet VERAIN Immobilier has been a member of the SYNDICAT NATIONAL DES PROFESSIONNELS DE L'IMMOBILIER for over 30 years, and is an accredited consultant for the SNPI.

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